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2017-22 Ford Cab & Chassis 54 Gallon Replacement Tank - 120" Chassis (7020717)

54 Gallon Replacement Tank for 2017-22 Ford Cab & Chassis Trucks
Fits 120" CA Trucks

Tank Will Be In Stock August 5, 2022


54 gallon replacement tank for all 120” CA trucks
2017-2022 Ford Cab and Chassis

Tank Will Be In Stock August 21, 2022

Cab and Chassis truck owners, your wishes have been turned into reality, extra large capacity, replacement diesel fuel tanks for your trucks are here!

Tank comes complete with black coated, galvanized mounting straps. Tapered tank features exclusive low fuel trap design so most every gallon can be used. TITAN’s Generation 6 tanks feature the TITAN Torque Ring™ OEM style sending unit mounting system for easy, positive installation.

This new Ford Cab & Chassis tank is made of our famous military grade, cross-linked polymer (XLHDPE). It’s at least ¼” thick and built to outlast all competitors. It’s tougher than steel and more durable than aluminum. Like all fine TITAN products, this new design has undergone extensive testing. Our legendary products are so tough and well-proven that we back them with a Lifetime Warranty+!

For model years 2017-2022.
For Ford Cab & Chassis Trucks, all 120” CA trucks.

Note: For use with diesel fuel ONLY!

Our mid-ship, replacement fuel tanks use your trucks stock/OE sending unit. An aftermarket or upgraded sending unit is not needed or required in anyway.

Our extra large fuel tanks provide freedom; freedom to chase your dreams, freedom to explore, freedom to adventure further, freedom to get where you need to when it matters without having to worry about fuel, freedom to be there for your family and loved ones when needed. Each and every extra large fuel tank as well as all of the parts included are made right here in the greatest country on the face of the Earth, the United States of America. We are proud to be the only cross-linked polymer fuel tanks on the market that are made here and are tough enough to be backed by an Lifetime Warranty. Innovation, quality, durability, refinement—are all synonymous with the name TITAN Fuel Tanks. We stand squarely behind them with our industry-leading Lifetime Warranty. With our tanks, no carbon steel comes in contact with your fuel at any time. A feature that leads the way by ensuring against corrosion and fuel contamination.

2017+ Ford Chassis Tanks: Purchase Guide

Which tanks fit my truck?

You must know (A) your wheelbase or (B) both the cab style and the CA of your truck.

Wheelbase Cab Style Cab-to-Axle
Length (CA)
(40 gal)
(54 gal)
(54 gal)
(54 gal)
145.3" Reg 60" YES NO NO NO
167.9" Super/Ext 60" YES YES NO NO
169.3" Reg 84" YES YES NO NO
179.8" Crew 60" YES YES NO NO
191.9" Super/Ext 84" YES YES NO NO
193.3" Reg 108" YES NO YES NO
203.8" Crew 84" YES YES NO NO
205.3" Reg 120" YES NO NO YES

CA or Cab to Axle refers to the distance/length in inches between the back of the cab and the center of the rear axle.

Cab & Chassis Length

Did my truck come with a midship tank?

YES: Great! All you need to purchase is a Titan tank. You don’t need to worry about anything else here.

NO: You’re going to need a few extra parts. Let’s help you get everything sorted.

Do I need to purchase a DEF tank relocation kit?

If your DEF tank is outside the frame rails on the passenger side: No, you don’t need to relocate your DEF tank. (This is where your DEF tank is located if your truck came with a midship tank.)

If your DEF tank is inside the frame rails on the driver side: Yes, you need to relocate your DEF tank, PN 9900033. This is the typical DEF tank location, but it’s where your midship tank needs to go.
Optional: You should also consider if you want to fill your DEF tank from the driver’s side. If so, you’ll need to purchase a DEF fill neck extension kit from a reputable source.

If my truck didn’t come with a stock midship tank, how do I want to install my tank?

As an Auxiliary Tank: This method transfer fuel from your Titan midship tank into your stock aft-axle tank. This is similar to an auxiliary in-bed tank system. Besides the DEF relocation kit, you’ll also need:

  • Titan Ford Chassis Auxiliary Kit - PN: 9900029 (Comes with a sending unit, auxiliary pump, controller, and all necessary wiring.)
  • A fill neck for your new tank. Titan offers a Universal Filler Neck Kit - PN: 9900025

As a stock Ford tank by removing my aft-axle tank: Besides the DEF relocation kit, you’ll also need:

  • Ford midship-only fuel lines – 6 total. These part numbers vary by wheelbase. Work with your local Ford dealership to get the correct fuel lines.
  • A Ford midship sending unit. The aft-axle sending unit is not compatible – it’s too short for the midship tank. Work with your local Ford dealership to get the correct part.
  • Titan Sending Unit Electrical Harness Extension Kit – PN: 9900030

As a stock Ford tank by reconfiguring my truck to have stock dual tanks: This installation version is extremely complicated. Please be aware that this will essentially require you to completely replace all fuel lines, sending units, and the entire electrical harness for your vehicle. It will also require reprogramming your vehicle and creating a vent line between the Titan midship tank and your stock aft-axle tank.
If your vehicle requires a dual stock tank set-up, we HIGHLY recommend purchasing a truck that comes with dual stock tanks. That method would only require you to swap out the stock midship for the Titan midship tank.

Made in The USA

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Year 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022
Make / Model Ford F350, Ford F450, Ford F550
CA PROP 65 WARNING CALIFORNIA WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm - www.P65Warnings.ca.gov
TITAN Tank Capacity 54
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