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Are gravity-feed in-bed diesel fuel tanks legal?

Yes, gravity feeding of diesel fuel is legal, according to:

FMCSA regulation 393 Subpart E – Fuel Systems

  • § 393.65 All Fuel Systems.

(d) Gravity or syphon feed prohibited. A fuel system must not supply fuel by gravity or syphon feed directly to the carburetor or injector.

  • § 393.67 Liquid fuel tanks.

(5) Fuel withdrawal fittings. Except for diesel fuel tanks, the fittings through which fuel is withdrawn from a fuel tank must be located above the normal level of fuel in the tank when the tank is full.

Here at Titan Fuel Tanks, we have made every effort to make sure our tanks comply with the appropriate regulations. Our gravity-feed systems only supply diesel fuel through the fill neck hose. In other words, our systems deliver diesel fuel into the existing diesel fuel tank maintaining normal vehicle operations and safety requirements.

Note: The only gravity-feed fuel systems we provide are for Diesel fuel tanks.

How much more range will I get with a TITAN Fuel Tank?

A TITAN Fuel Tank will just about double the range of most popular crew cab applications. For example, the stock tank on a GM Crew Cab Short Bed truck is 26 gallons; the TITAN replacement tank is 52 gallons. A Ford Crew Cab Long Bed comes with a 34 gallon tank; the replacement TITAN Fuel Tank holds 67 gallons. For extended cab and other applications, you can expect at least a 65% to 90% increase in capacity and corresponding range.

Will my fuel gauge be accurate?

Yes. Your analog fuel gauge will work the same with the TITAN Fuel Tank as it did with your original stock equipment tank.

Will my Driver Information Center (DIC) computer work the same?

No. The DIC computer will not be accurate.

Is there a way to fix the DIC computer?

Depending on the application the fuel tank size can be adjusted by a local dealer or by using an aftermarket tuning device. Please call our Customer Service for assistance.

Can I install a TITAN Fuel Tank on my gasoline-powered truck?

We offer two products that are approved for use with gasoline.
The first is our Sidekick, it is an in-bed 15 gallon transfer tank. It will fit in most truck beds including smaller trucks like the Ranger and Tacoma. The SideKick is perfect as an emergency fuel storage for those traveling long distances or for those that simply want to be prepared. It also works great refueling motorcycles, ATVs, lawn mowers and other equipment. It includes a free siphon pump.

We also have the Trail Trekker Transfer Tank for all Jeep (YJ, TJ & JK)Wranglers that holds 12 gallons and includes a free transfer pump.

How much does the tank weigh?

The TITAN short-bed tank models weigh an average of 45 pounds (without the bracket hardware). The TITAN long-bed tank models weigh just a few pounds more than the short-bed tank models. This means more capacity with less weight and easier installation. The TITAN In-Bed tank weighs about 51 pounds.

How difficult is installation?

We've made every effort to make installation as simple as possible. The TITAN Fuel Tank fits in place of your original tank. We include all the necessary parts and detailed instructions. Generally speaking, installation entails removing the stock tank, moving the sending unit to the new TITAN Tank, reattaching the fuel lines, and bolting in the new tank. Your TITAN dealer can help you with installation.

How long does installation take?

Between 2-4 hours depending on your expertise. We've seen TITAN Fuel Tanks installed in 45 minutes.

Is the TITAN Fuel Tank as durable as the original stock equipment tank?

More durable and better warrantied. Most stock (or original equipment) tanks are relatively thin and made of materials like Linear Polyethylene. TITAN Fuel Tanks are made of High-Density Cross-Linked Polyethylene (XLHDPE), which is bonded molecularly. Also, the nominal thickness of all TITAN Tanks is 1/4th of an inch. TITAN Fuel Tanks are so tough that they are backed by a lifetime warranty.

Does the TITAN Fuel Tank hang down lower than the stock tank?

For most applications the TITAN hangs about 1 to 2½ inches lower than the stock tank. Usually the difference is negligible.

How quickly could you ship a TITAN Fuel Tank to me?

If you don’t have a local TITAN dealer – and there are hundreds of dealers across the country – a tank could be shipped directly to you, FedEx Ground or Freight. Click the Dealer link. If you don’t have a local dealer, to order a TITAN Fuel Tank, click here or call (800) 728-4982.

Will my Titan tank compromise my smog test?

No, Titan Fuel Tanks do not alter the stock fuel delivery system. By not altering this system, Titan Fuel Tanks are approved for use without exemption by the California Air Resources Board. (CARB)

What is the Titan warranty & returned goods policy?

No returned merchandise will be accepted without prior written consent of the management of TITAN Fuel Tanks. Any merchandise which may be returned as a result of a warranty issue shall not be subject to this policy but shall be handled as per TITAN's published warranty policy.

Any merchandise that is not returned under the provisions of the warranty policy shall be subject to the following:

  • Restocking charge, equal to 20% of the purchase price.
  • Customer returning merchandise will be responsible for pre-paid freight to a location specified by TITAN.
  • Any item which has been installed or had fuel introduced into it cannot be returned.
  • Merchandise condition must be pristine. Merchandise cost will not be credited back to customer until merchandise is returned to and inspected by TITAN Fuel Tanks. If the condition of the merchandise is not sufficient, no credit will be granted.

If you have any questions please feel free to call us at 208.522.1325, or toll free at 800.728.4982, or email Sherrie: support@titanfueltanks.com

Why don’t I see an order confirmation?

For orders placed on our website, please check your email, all orders are emailed a confirmation. If you do not find it in your Inbox please check your SPAM folder. If you do not yet see a charge to your credit card, that is because the order has yet to ship. We do not charge your card until the order is ready to ship.

Where do you find your order tracking information?

Order tracking information will be on your invoice that is emailed to you when the order ships.