Save money with a larger tank, Here’s how.

How Much Will a TITAN™ Tank Save Me in a Year?

This comparison only looks at the expected savings for those who use their trucks for business and pleasure. It doesn’t take into account the convenience, safety, or efficiency that a TITAN Tank offers.

On a cost-basis alone, a TITAN Tank will pay for itself within 1-3 years, depending how you use your truck.

High mileage drivers:

If you drive about 50,000 miles per year, get 15 mpg, and estimate you can save about 12 cents per gallon* by buying when the price is right, in the first year you will save $400 in fuel and $670 in labor for a total of $1,070 (factoring your time to be worth about $25 per hour).

Low mileage drivers:

If you drive about 20,000 miles per year, estimate your time at $15 per hour (average between time spent for business $30 and personal $0), you will save $160 in fuel and $160 in labor for a total of $320 in the first year.

The assumptions we made to get these figures:

  • Fuel savings: 12 cents. (The cost of a gallon of diesel normally ranges in price about 18 cents; we cut it to 12 cents.)
  • Time saved: It takes at least 18 minutes to stop, fill up your tank, and get back underway. (We don’t add the time to find a station or the fuel to find one.)
  • With your current tank, you are going to fill up when it gets between ¼ and empty.

Estimate your savings:

If you wish to do your own detailed analysis, we created a free downloadable Excel file allowing you to adjust any of these numbers. Simply answer a few questions and see what you will spend and will save.

Link to Excel file (right click and “save as”)

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