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Titan Fuel Tanks, Inc. has a three-part mission:
  • To create fuel tanks and other products that will easily stand up to the rigors and abuse of hard off-road backcountry work and play.
  • To develop and produce products for diesel pickup trucks that will extend their range and function and return dollar value to our customers.
  • To bring better service and support to the table than anyone else in our industry.

How Do We Do It?

Simple: we create the most rugged, most dependable after-market fuel tanks we can, and we back them up with our personal efforts to make every interaction we have with you a pleasant one. Our tanks are formed from cross-linked high-density polyethylene, a superior form of polymer plastic that is quite simply the toughest plastic available for automotive use in the country.

Our Engineers use advanced, sophisticated, computer-aided design and testing tools to create tanks and provide numerous fuel storage options for your vehicle. From replacing the main tank, to adding a second tank in your spare tire space, to putting a tank (or more) in the bed of your pickup to refuel your boat, ATV or diesel generator, TITAN is the right choice for the job.

  • To learn more about the high-tech polymer we use and what makes it so much better than our competitors' products, visit the About Our Products page.
  • If you are an existing customer in need of our top-tier customer service, our Customer Service page has a host of options for you to get in touch.
  • If you have a question about our products, check our FAQ – there’s a good chance we have already answered it for you.